I became a mother

and the world changed but in subtle ways. I changed but in subtle ways.  My life is full of three year old tantrums, four year old asking “why”, one year old toilet exploratories. And I am left wanting some purpose to this existence – my existence. But even my thoughts are interrupted (sometimes even stolen) by potty emergencies, sudden intense sibling fighting, falls, hugs, play hide and seek with me Mommy.Even this blog I’m sure will come to abrupt closures. But, this blog caters to my voice, which I have always wanted to have. Some of the change in me has come about because I am beginning to realize that I am okay, even in my obscurity. I will try to be the best Mother I can be but even the lives of my children are dictated more by their innate character and the circumstances that surround them than by anything I will do. I can only try my best to give them the best of circumstances, to shape their character in righteousness


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